Thursday, July 1, 2010

Starla Sandals

Starla Sandals are the perfect way to put a little bling in your summer wardrobe. These stylish flip flop sandals are jewel encrusted but still have a casualness to them. Each sandal is handmade using leather and Swarovski crystals.

Owner, Michele Paredes, designs each sandal and her South Florida roots provide the perfect influence. The sandals feel luxurious, and yet can be paired with anything. Throw a pair on for the beach or wear them out to dinner at your favorite hot spot. No matter where you choose to wear them you will feel glamorous. When I wear mine I feel like I could be catching the next jet to San Tropez or the Canary Islands. Now if only it were true...maybe if I click my heals.

Shown: Gold Luxe $90, Gold Brilliance $90, Gold Opulance $120

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