Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Products: Fresh Minerals Collection

I recently had the opportunity to try some new products from one of my favorite beauty companies Fresh. The new FreshMinerals collection allow the skin to breathe and don't block or clog the skins pores. Mineral make-up also offers protection from UVA light and protects the skin from environmental pollutants. All of the collections foundation and bronzer products offer SPF 20 as well. And the products are all water resistant, so they won’t come off with perspiration. I tried the Mineral Duo Loose Leaf Powder Foundation. I was impressed with the weightlessness of the powder. It literally felt lighter than the other facial powders I have used. The foundation powder covered my pours and smoothed out the color in my skin flawlessly. I also tried the Fresh Minerals Super Volume Mascara. The brush was great for applying the color and separating my lashes. There was no clumping and my lashes didn't stick together. Check out the Fresh website for more of the freshMinerals products including eye shadows, eyeliners and lip gloss.

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